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23.5 Ton Simon RO Boom Truck

Load Chart

92 feet of boom mounted on a Kenworth tractor with a 20 foot flatbed. Also equipped with a 44 foot telescoping jib with a maximum tip height of 135 feet.

Optional attachment of a single and a two-man basket.Perfect use is for residential applications and light commercial work with medium hauling capacity needs.

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40 Ton Terex Truck Crane

Load Chart

Mobile truck crane with 94 feet of main power boom, 49 feet of offsettable jib, with a maximum tip height of 142 feet.

Excellent crane for commercial applications. This crane is equipped with the optional "heavy lift" package, giving it greater capacities than many other 40 ton rated cranes.

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45 Ton All Terrain City Class Crane

Load Chart

With 102 feet of main power boom,43 feet of offsettable jib, with a maximum tip height of 145 feet. This crane is ideal for warehouse work as well as limited access jobs. The diminutive stature of this crane allows it to fit through most standard roll-up doors, while maintaining a superior load chart. In addition, as an all terrain crane, it has multiple steering configurations which provides even further options for those challenging job sites. This crane provides an ideal alternative for warehouses, port, and mills where traditional cranes may not be able to access the job.

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60 Ton Terex Truck Crane

Load Chart

Mobile truck crane with 110 feet of main power boom, 57 feet of offsettable jib, with a maximum tip height of 167 feet.

This crane is an excellent choice for heavy lifts and high duty cycle commercial applications. It has multiple counterweight configurations to suit customer needs.

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130 Ton Rough Terrain Crane

Load Chart

With 162 feet of main power boom plus 109 feet of offsettable jib. The 80130 has the most boom in its class with a total of 275 feet of tip height.

Combined with multiple counterweight packages and four steering modes, this RT is ideal for long term commercial work as well as adverse terrain projects.

Its 6 wheel drive capability allows it to access difficult locations that most other cranes can not.

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Tractors & Trailers

We offer a wide variety of three and four axle tractors in combination with two, three, and four axle trailers of various sizes.

We can achieve a payload of up to 62,000 lbs on our regular tractor/trailer without any additional permit costs.

We also have a lowboy trailer that has a variety of hauling combinations which can haul up to 160,000 lbs.

We would be happy to talk with you to discuss your needs and give you a personalized quote for any of your hauling needs.

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